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Seminar on Cybersecurity Innovative Solutions for Shipping.

Transship Bulk managers attended seminar on Cybersecurity Innovative Solutions for Shipping which was held on May 15 in Odessa, Ukraine.


2017 Annual Review Of Fleet Inspections By PSC

Our fleet had undergone 15 various inspections by PSC during 2017. All 15 inspections completed without deficiencies.

Technical Department

Technical Department consists of a team of skilled specialists who have previous seagoing experience as engineers on board of bulk carriers.

The technical department is responsible for:

• overall control of the vessel’s deck and engineering operations;
• maintaining acceptable safety and pollution standards onboard of the ships;
• maintenance, repairs, inspections programs planning;
• monitoring the survey status of all the company managed vessels;
• ensuring that the company managed vessels have valid certificates with endorsements, and undergo necessary class surveys;
• scheduling and organizing of dry-docking, annual and intermediate surveys;
• attending to vessels’ lubricating oil requirements and arranging relevant supplies;
• analyzing vessels’ requisitions, arranging purchasing and delivery of spares and supplies on board;
• evaluation of vessels’ engine and hull performance.