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COVID-19 Vaccination for Seafarers.

Transship Bulk supports all efforts to recognize seafarers as key workers.


2018 Annual Review Of Fleet Inspections By PSC.

Our fleet had undergone 15 various inspections by PSC during 2018. 14 inspections completed without deficiencies.

Policy on Harassment and Bullying

TRANSSHIP BULK is committed to providing a working environment free from bullying and harassment. We aim to ensure that all staff are treated, and treat others, with dignity and respect.

No seafarers should be harassed or bullied on board ship. All seafarers have a responsibility for ensuring that their ship is free of harassment and bullying.

Harassment includes any act which creates feelings of unease, humiliation, embarrassment, intimidation, or discomfort to the person on the receiving end.

Bullying may include any negative or hostile behavior that makes a recipient feel intimidated.

If you believe you are being harassed or bullied, you may wish to raise the problem informally with the person responsible. Explain the situation and how it has made you feel. It can be helpful to describe the event so the other person is clear about your concerns. Use the opportunity to ask the person to change or stop their behaviour. Alternatively you may speak to your MLC adviser who can provide confidential advice and assistance in resolving the issue formally or informally.

If you do not feel that informal steps are appropriate, or they have been unsuccessful, you should raise the matter formally under our complaint procedure.

Seafarer who make complaints or who participate in good faith in any investigation must not suffer any form of retaliation or victimisation as a result. However, making a false allegation deliberately and in bad faith will be treated as misconduct and dealt with accordingly.