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COVID-19 Vaccination for Seafarers.

Transship Bulk supports all efforts to recognize seafarers as key workers.


2018 Annual Review Of Fleet Inspections By PSC.

Our fleet had undergone 15 various inspections by PSC during 2018. 14 inspections completed without deficiencies.

Just Culture Policy

Transship Bulk is committed to maintaining and, wherever possible, improving safety. To achieve this, we recognize staff safety reports as one of the most valuable sources of information for learning safety lessons and identify safety trends.

We also aware that people are reluctant to inform the Company about their own errors and other safety problems or hazards if they are afraid of being punished. People also may be reluctant to draw attention to errors made by themselves or their colleagues, due to personal embarrassment. Such lack of trust of personnel prevents the management from being properly informed of the actual risks.

Therefore, in order to receive as many reports as possible, our Company is fostering a culture in which a staff feels secure that the Company will treat them justly and fairly when they do report or when investigations and data analysis uncover safety risks.

To promote safety culture Transship Bulk implements following principles for voluntary reporting of incidents, including dangerous situations and near misses:

  • Confidentiality. Personnel must be confident that their identity, or the identity of any person implicated in the report will not be disclosed without their permission or unless this is required by law. Any subsequent safety action taken will, as far as possible, ensure the anonymity of the persons involved.
  • Non-Punitive Action. Reported information will be used solely to support the enhancement of safety. If the error was unpremeditated and unintentional, and would not have come to light except for the report, he/she will be protected from punishment unless such disclosure reveals, beyond any reasonable doubt, an illegal act, gross negligence, a deliberate or willful disregard of regulations or procedures.

A copy of this policy is posted on board all Company’s Managed Vessels.