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COVID-19 Vaccination for Seafarers.

Transship Bulk supports all efforts to recognize seafarers as key workers.


2018 Annual Review Of Fleet Inspections By PSC.

Our fleet had undergone 15 various inspections by PSC during 2018. 14 inspections completed without deficiencies.

Our History

Transship Ltd has been involved in maritime shipping activity as from the end of last century, running commercial and technical management of the cargo ships of different types.

In summer of 2002 the Company took delivery of the first bulk carrier under the full management. Mv Alina" (IMO No. 7525683, dwat 34,318 mts built 1977 Japan) has been successfully trading and acquired an outstanding reputation among many of the top charterers.

In July 2006 Transship Ltd took delivery of the second bulk carrier under the full management. Mv "Afina" (IMO No. 8029272, dwat 35,419 mts built 1983 Japan) has been sailing with a prosperous wind under the flag of the Republic of Malta and ABS Class Society and gained a good reputation among the leading charterers in the dry cargo market.

Since 1999 the Company has been deeply involved in developing of the dry and wet cargo offshore transshipment terminal in the Black Sea mainly by providing  transshipment services at the outer roads of the sea and river ports of Ukraine. 

Today Transship Ltd incorporates a number of subsidiaries and enjoys business with a number of close partners.

In 2003 the Company introduced its own shipbuilding business by starting up a modern small size shipyard, located at port Kerch, Ukraine. However, the business was winded up due to annexation of the Crimea in 2014. 

Due to increasing volume of the tonnage being transshipped, in 2005 the largest independent tug fleet operator in Ukraine, Donmar Ltd was set up as a close partner of Transship Ltd. Donmar fleet is represented by the tugs of power range from 300 to 6000 h.p. which allows to fulfill various types of operations including in harbour towage and linear towage of different objects within the areas of the Azov, Black and Mediterranean seas. 

In 2006, “DP Transship Agent” was established as a daughter company of Transship Ltd to provide the agency services to the Company’s expanding fleet as well as other vessels calling to the ports of Ukraine.

In January 2008 the contracts for building of the two new handy- sized bulkers at the South Korean Ship Yard – 21st Century Shipbuilding Co were signed by the parners of the Company.

In consequence of efficiency and prosperity of the Company, the newest subsidiary to run commercial and technical management of the new-builds was set up in June 2011. “Transship Bulk” introduced the following management departments of highly qualified professionals:

  • Safety & Quality Department
  • Operations/Chartering Department
  • Technical Department
  • Crew Resources Department
  • Human Resource Department
  • IT Department

In the course of time from June 2011, Transship Bulk has started Safety and Quality certification and implementation of Safety and Quality Management System developed in accordance with ABS HSQE Guide. Initial ISM audit has been successfully passed on 4th of September 2012 and full term Document of Compliance was issued by ABS. On 26 September 2012 Transship Bulk Management System was found to be in compliance with the Safety and Quality requirements of ABS Guide for Marine Health, Safety, Quality, Environmental and Energy Management, as applied to operation of bulk carriers. On 13th November 2012 after successful completion of ISO 9001 Initial Audit Transship Bulk Quality Management System was found to be in compliance with requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and in August 2018 with requirements of  ISO 9001:2015.

The deliveries of 1st two handy size bulk carriers - m.v. "Zina" and m.v. "Floriana" were taken by the Company during May - October 2012.

The delivery of 3rd handy size bulk carrier - m.v. "Tiziana" was taken in March 2016.

As from January – February 2014 and until present days all 3 bulk carriers are chartered to Cargill International Ltd.

It is indeed our ambitious plan to expand the fleet under the management and become more competitive on the dry cargo shipping market as well as to provide more opportunities both for seafarers and shore-based personnel.