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Upgrade to NS Enterprise

Transship Bulk is pleased to announce the completion of upgrade to the latest version of the fleet management software - NS Enterprise.


M.v. "Tiziana" delivery to Transship Bulk.

Transship Bulk is proud to announce delivery of a new vessel - m.v. "Tiziana" under full management.

Transship Bulk

Transship Bulk is a part of Transship Ltd group of companies, engaged in maritime shipping activity, mainly as commercial and technical managers of the dry cargo ships. Currently, the company operates two new-built handy- sized bulkers on a worldwide basis with future prospects to expand the fleet.

Transship Bulk has been set up as an “In-House” ship management department which embodies qualified initiative professionals, possessing excellent and strong communication and interpersonal skills, capable to operate within a team and confident when required to work individually. “In-House” ship management allows us to enjoy the full benefits of close co-operation between all the departments, time and cost effective collaboration and perfect environment for effective operation of the ships.